Case Report 32: Sputa, Nail and Hairs changed nicely: Chika TOKUNAGA, 50th, female, 

I am a fanatic smoker.

When I studied cooking in Korea, I was very happy to chat with many lovely and kind Korean women, except one thing.

This is a fact that  almost all of Korean women do not smoke.
I looked for nice woman who was also loving smoking, and found one.
She is fanatic like me.

She told me she was taking very nice functional supplement to prevent lung cancer. 

That is Buah Merah imported from Japan.  

My husband is a fanatic smoker, too.

We found the manufacturer of Buah Merah 500VE; M&K Laboratories Inc.

We have been taking 4 capsules daily since December of 2011, so it passed 7 months.

One day, even now I found my nail turned into reddish-complexion from pale, and the hairs, too change glossy or shiny from rough condition without luster.

Our sputa was yellowish before because of heavy smoking and infection in the trachea, but after taking Buah Merah 500VE, you know our sputa has changed into transparent one. 

This indicates that Buah Merah normalizes respiratory tracts damaged by smoking.